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Our Production Superiority


Most Technologically
Advanced Hub in ASEAN

ZELC as the key subsidiary of the world’s largest supplier of rail transit equipment CRRC Corporation Limited has over 80 years of experience in the railway industry, The major significance of CRM’s possession of a steady and substantial support from ZELC, and also the fact that CRM is anchored by ZELC’s high standard of manufacturing technology in terms of safety, design, capacity, comfortability, and so forth, has permanently secured its establishment worthy of the title the “ASEAN Manufacturing Hub” with the most advanced technology.

Adhering to the goal of becoming a world-class rolling stock manufacturer, the plant is ever committed to continuously enhance the level of technology and strive forward to continue cooperate with global customers and partners in order to meet the growing demands of urban transport services.


Comprehensive Product Portfolio

With the consistent and rock-solid support of ZELC, CRM has a comprehensive business portfolio that covers electric locomotives, masstransit vehicles, intercity EMUs, maglev trains, spercapacitor trams/trolley buses as well as key parts and components. Keeping pace with the parent company, CRM is moving forward with the development of green and innovative transportation and is devoted in shouldering the social responsibility for low-carbon economy.


Strategic Location

Strategically located in the centre of Southeast Asia, Malaysia offers a gateway to Asia and Middle East markets. This connectiveness gives a big advantage to CRM to serve the neighboring markets in a highly efficient way as it enables us to
maximize products and services deliverability, manage customer relationship effectively, respond to their needs or feedbacks timely,
impel effective decision making and thus greatly enhance company’s competitiveness.


Strong Competitiveness

Our subsidiaries have a diverse workforce comprised of people coming from multi-cultural backgrounds, each possessing their own unique set of experience and skill. This creates a positive and wide-open environment for competition between colleagues in the companies whereby it motivates and give space for each and every
staff to showcase their ability, flexibility and agility in solving problems effectively and efficiently. Having employees that speak multiple languages and the ability to understand other cultures enabling us to expand our footprint globally is a classic example.


Therefore to put it in a simplistic manner, diversity offers a huge advantage in a vast company such as CRM because not only it motivates the staffs to push forward and strive harder, it also ensures that the company continues to thrive positively and indefinitely offering every and each company staff equal opportunities to prove themselves worthy of a certain reward or even promotion.

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