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CRRC Kuala Lumpur Maintenance Sdn. Bhd. (Formerly known as CSR Kuala Lumpur Maintenance Sdn. Bhd. [CKM]) , a wholly owned subsidiary of CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd (ZELC), is offcially incorporated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

CRRC’s main business is to provide Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) service for 38 sets Six Cars Electric Multiple Units (SCS), 50 sets Ampang Line Light Rail Vehicle (LRVs) and 2 sets of E-Loco in Malaysia.

CRRC is the first China company to provide MRO service for railway vehicle in oversea market, which is also regarded as the milestone that symbolized China’s rail transit equipment manufacturing enterprises have really realized the ‘manufacture + service’ industrial upgrading.


Overseas Base

Since the year of 1997, CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. has exploited overseas market. At early period, we exported electric locomotives to Iran, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan; now we export electric locomotives and mass transit vehicles to ten counties such as Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Turkey, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Ethiopia and Macedonia; moreover, we competes in over 40 projects in Europe, Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Middle East. In 2015, the overseas sales revenue reached RMB 8.811 billion.
In Malaysia

In 2010, we signed a contract of 228 EMU vehicles (SCS project) worth RM 1.8 billion with Ministry of Transport of Malaysia; in 2012, we signed a contract of 120 light rail vehicles worth RM 400 million with Malaysia Infrastructure Limited —Prasarana; in 2013, we signed a contract of 60 EMU vehicles (ETS project) worth RM 500 million with Ministry of Transport of Malaysia; in 2014, we signed a contract of 180 light rail vehicles worth RM 600 million with Prasarana. Up to present, all the 228 EMU vehicles of the SCS project have been delivered, and the 300 light rail vehicles as well as the EMUs vehicles of the ETS project are in manufacturing and delivery. Rely on our maintenance subsidiary in Malaysia for vehicle maintenance business except the vehicle business, we have won vehicles maintenance orders worth more than RM 400 million. We set up a manufacturing base in Malaysia to realize the ideas of product made in Malaysia and win-win cooperation by sharing success experience and technologies.

In South Africa
We always attach importance to the African market. We follow up South Africa market and relative projects in 2004. Since the first order in 2012 we have won three orders of totally 554 electric locomotives worth USD 2.5 billion. In October 2012, our subsidiary in South Africa — CRRC E-Loco Supply (Pty) Ltd. signed a contract of 95 four-axle electric locomotives with TRANSNET — the largest state-owned transport company of South Africa; in March 2014, it respectively signed contracts of 100 four-axle electric locomotives and 359 six-axle electric locomotives with TRANSNET. The 95 electric locomotives and the 100 electric locomotives have been delivered and put into service operation. The 359 electric locomotives are undergoing local manufacturing, delivery, inspection and acceptance. At the beginning of December 2014, in the presence of the leaders of the two countries we and TRANSNET signed a Cooperation Memorandum aiming to deepen and expand cooperation by means of design, localization of manufacturing, maintenance, training and joint R&D of key components of rail transit equipment. Now both parties are upgrading factories and negotiating a joint venture agreement about building an industrial base integrating manufacturing, maintenance, cultivation and development with both Chinese CRRC and South Africa characteristics in South Africa to achieve “Co-building”, “Share” and “Win-win” localization targets.

In India
We won a Gurgaon contract of five metro trains in 2010 and a contract of seven metro trains for South extension line of Gurgaon in 2013. In 2014, we stood out from numerous rivals to win a contract of eight metro trains for New Bombay Metro Line 1 by exploiting our brand, technology and service advantages and providing the customer with high-end, high value-added rail transport equipment system solutions according to their personalized demands. It is the third time for us to supply metro cars of superior quality in the India market. Based on the achievements, we set up a subsidiary in Bombay providing maintenance service to be close to the customers. It is the first Chinese rail transport “4S” shop stationed in South Asia market.

 In Turkey
In 2009, we signed a contract of 10 light rail trains worth RMB 350 million with Izmir municipal government, Turkey; in 2012, we signed a contract of 108 stainless steel metro trains worth about USD 400 million; in 2014, we signed a additional procurement contract of 2 light rail trains for Izmir. Since 2009 we entered the Turkey market, the safe service operation mileage of vehicles supplied by us has exceeded 10,000,000 km and they have become an important means of rail transport for local people. In addition, to fulfill the customers’ demands and enhance local economic and industrial development, in 2013 we established a joint venture with a famous local enterprise based on our ongoing projects to implement localization of vehicle manufacturing,

In Singapore
In 2009, we signed a contract of 14 battery electric locomotives worth SGD 30 million with Land Transport Authority of Singapore; in 2013, we signed a contract of 18 battery electric locomotives and accessories worth about SGD 40 million. As the first electric & battery dual-power project of china, the battery electric locomotives eliminate carbon dioxide emission and save the user’s service operation costs compared with diesel locomotives.

In Ethiopia
We signed a contract of 35 electric locomotives worth about USD 100 million with Ethiopian Railways Corporation after the award of the contract of building locomotives and EMUs assembly workshops in Ethiopia in 2011. According to actual operating conditions of and our rich experience in high power electric locomotive, we adopt customized production mode for the project. The electric locomotives have advantages of the locomotives for plateau in China and of that exported to South Africa. They are known as “heat resistant” locomotives which are suited to run on plateau or in desert under high temperature condition.

In Macedonia
In June 2014, we signed a contract of totally six DMUs & EMUs worth EUR 25 million with Macedonian Railways Transport JSC. It is the first export project since the establishment of CRRC and also the first EMU European market order of China. The DMUs and EMUs will run on a line of 215 km, which is the busiest railway system and bears 80% of railway transport capacity in Macedonia. The line is an important part of the pan-European No. 10 corridor.

In Serbia
In March 2016, we signed a contract of two electric locomotives with Thermal Power Plants Nikola Tesla Ltd. of Serbia. The project represents electric locomotives supplied by China enter Serbia market for the first time and the Chinese company wins the first order in Serbia by way of international bid. The access to Serbia market demonstrates “Go abroad” strategy, “Access to market” strategy, market expansion as well as diversifying product line for Chinese enterprises.

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