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Established in 1936, CRRC ZELC is a core subsidiary of CRRC Corporation Limited, the world's largest supplier of rail transit equipment with the most complete product lines and leading technologies.
Started from pioneering China’s electric locomotives and EMU technologies to one of the world’s leading rail transport solution providers is certainly no small feat. As of today, our products and services have already reached out across four 9regions: Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia, comprising over 20 countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Turkey, Australia, India, South Africa, and many more.


Malaysia has and always will be
acknowledged to be the
cornerstone and key element of
our internationalization process. In
2011, we have founded our first
subsidiary, namely CRRC Kuala
Lumpur Maintenance Sdn Bhd, to
provide top-notch MRO service
for railway vehicle in overseas
markets. This establishment is
regarded as the milestone that
symbolized China’s rail transit
equipment manufacturing
enterprises have realized the
‘manufacture + service’ industrial


A year later, we expedited further
and advanced our
internationalized operation by
setting up a state-of-the-art
manufacturing plant, namely
CRRC Rolling Stock Center
(Malaysia) Sdn Bhd with a total
investment of approximately
RM400 million. This operation has
proven to be such an enormous
achievement as it resulted in
successfully assisting Malaysia in
achieving the goal of
manufacturing train locally, such
as ETS and Ampang Line’s LRVs.


In an effort to achieve further
localization, we have
established an MRO joint
venture with a local company
in 2014 to work together
towards a common goal -
serve the Malaysians with a
high-reliability mode of public

Over the years, with the trust and support that
Malaysian Government has entrusted in us, we
were honored having participated in a number of
Malaysia’s rail development projects which
covered EMUs, light rail vehicles, and electric
locomotives. The speedy implementation of
cutting-edge train operations not only garnered
high heaps of praise from the train operators but
also secured warm welcomes and appreciation
from every passenger alike.
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