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Our Maintenance Model

CSR Strategy 2.JPG
CKM has developed a Maintenance Model that
enables the company to efficiently manage the
maintenance service through optimizing workforce
productivity, ensuring workplace safety and most
importantly, maximize the effectiveness and
efficiency of the maintenance works as well as
continuously enhancing the safety and reliability
of the train sets.
The custom-designed model is divided into three
levels in a general-to-specific order, which are 5S
Management, Maintenance Management
Information System (MMIS), and M-RAMS System.
These are what make CKM’s MRO service continue
to grow and entrench in this industry.

The 5S Management, which refers to sort,
set in order, shine, standardize, and  sustain sequentially, is the first stage which serves as the basis of this maintenance cycle. Being fully adopted in all CKM’s workshops, this methodology serves as  the framework for the maintenance team to carry out MRO works efficiently in a systematic manner through establishing workplace rules and guidelines, standardizing and habitualizing the maintenance workflows and approaches.
Above all, this level serves as the fundamental base for obtaining accurate data and validate trustable results which after this is where MMIS comes into play.
5S Management





The systematic maintenance workflows allow
the maintenance team to get solid data in a
bid to find out the condition of the train sets
and predict potential safety issues. The MMIS
system has been custom-designed for
managing and monitoring maintenance
workflows and is capable of collecting and
storing massive amount of data, including
allocation of works, maintenance progress of
each project, details of the maintenance
tasks, time taken, identified problems, status
parameters of each component, so on and
so forth. These “big data” allow our
maintenance team to work dynamically with
great efficiency as they can monitor the work
progress without regards to geographical
barrier and time constraints
M-RAMS System
Taking a closer look into the identified problems, we use M-RAMS system, also known as RAMS for Maintenance, to take action against the failures. The M-RAMS system enables the maintenance team to discover the problems that occur most frequently on the train sets. Then, based on the “big data”, the team figures out the root of the problems and improvement strategy for the maintenance works. This system greatly helps the team to continuously improve the reliability and safety of the train sets and reflect on the effectiveness of the MRO service strategy. Each and every time after eliminating the problem source that are identified, the entire cycle can be reutilized again and again in a continuous loop manner each time until the entire working system achieve a perfect shape and working harmoniously with top notch efficiency and efficacy.



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